Monster Cookie S’Mores

This past weekend was my community’s annual fall fair – Hope Brigade Days. I attended the fireworks, historical talks, a “drive-in” movie, and the motorsports. While watching the demo derby, Dale was perusing Google+ and showed me a picture that would get my desire to bake back up and running.

Giant S’Mores posted on Smells Like Home

Obviously we had to make these. So we went to the store, we got the ingredients, then we got back to my house and realized it was too late and there was way too much produce still floating around my kitchen to take on a baking project (thank you, canning season).

The next day, after knocking out some salsa and greatly reducing the number of tomatoes in my kitchen, I decided it was high time to make some giant cookie s’mores.

I whipped up the chocolate chip recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, got out the graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and chocolate bar, and began mushing them all together.

Our version of Smells Like Home’s Giant S’More Stuffed Cookies

If you plan to do this, look at my cookie sheet. DO NOT DO THIS! I should have realized (in fact, as I was putting the cookies on the sheet, I thought “gee, I be it would work well to put two cookies per sheet, on a normal cookie sheet”) that the cookies would grow. A lot. In fact, halfway through the baking I had to pull the tray out and transfer two cookies onto a different cookie sheet to stop them from overflowing my tray. Save yourself the pain and just use your common sense. I blame it on being an insomniac the night before! My brain was tired…
Anyway, after the s’mores are all wrapped up in a layer of cookie dough, pop those bad boys into the oven at 325 degrees. I originally set the timer for 25 minutes, but with the halftime tray switch, I added some extra time and they were probably in there for about 30 or 35 minutes total.

Yummy, gooey Monster Cookie S’More

After they had cooled a bit, Dale and I shared one and oh man was it sweet. Between the two of us we only ate about half! While the recipe only makes four giant cookies, they are definitely meant for sharing. I left the cookies to cool and firm up overnight, then this morning I wrapped them up in cellophane to keep them fresh. They are definitely “monster cookies” and if I make them again I think I will try to do “mini monster cookies” and cut the graham crackers into smaller pieces and then scale back all the other ingredients.

Altogether I can say that Giant Cookie S’Mores were a successful experiment and a good one-in-a-blue-moon treat!


2 comments on “Monster Cookie S’Mores

  1. Jillian says:

    I love this!!! Thanks for sharing- I will definitely be trying this 🙂
    Your photos are beautiful by the way!

  2. mydearbakes says:

    What a yummy looking post! =)

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